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Lose Weight – Diet Program Review: « Losing weight, one diet at a time; one month at a time… « Page 29

Day 10…

I forgot to write yesterday, but it was a day, not unlike every other day. I did actually run out of the Chocolate Right Size Smoothie mix before the new tub arrived. So – no shakes yesterday. I did have a bowl of Khashi for breakfast, Emperor Anton made me a tuna sandwich for lunch – very good, even though it had egg, relish and Miracle Whip in it. I had a McDonald’s double cheeseburger for dinner. I don’t think I had dinner until after 10pm. I had to go to science fair at my daughters’ school and never had a chance to eat dinner before the fair.

I did, however, go to the Y again, and that’s always good.

I’ll be curious to check my weight at the end of this week, since I feel as if I’ve been off course already. I’m thinking I will have stayed at the same weight or perhaps even gained a pound, hopefully no more than that.

I’ve discovered that the older I get – the more difficult it is to lose weight. I don’t feel like I’ve become less active – quite the contrary, but perhaps it’s hormonal. Not sure – but it’s a drag.

Still losing weight – day 8

Finally got back to the gym after nearly a week off. Weather, schedules and lack of desire all played a role in keeping me from the gym. But, it is part of the plan, and I must persevere. As usual, I always feel much better after I’ve gone.

I did the elliptical machine again and burned 401 calories. Gotta love that.

Outside of going to the gym, nothing else of much interest happened on day 8. I’m still only having one shake a day – due to the end of the chocolate smoothie stuff. So, I had my favorite cereal for breakfast – Khashi. It’s about the same amount of calories as the shake. I had the shake for lunch – still digging that, especially since I know the end of the chocolate is near. Not sure what I’m gonna do if the new chocolate doesn’t arrive in time.

Dinner was great. I had two lbs. of raw, frozen shrimp in the freezer that I took out in the morning to defrost. I didn’t have a recipe – cause I don’t cook shrimp very often. My son, Thomas, looked online and found a recipe for shrimp called “Shrimp Raymond” – turned out pretty good. And I didn’t overcook the shrimp – which I often do, hence – I don’t cook shrimp much.

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Dieting Week 2

I completed the first day of week two with very few problems. Dieting and weight loss programs can be a drag and difficult to say the least. But, the first few weeks, generally are the easiest to get through. It’s all still very new; weight loss tends to be the greatest the first few weeks; and I haven’t become totally bored with the food or the lack there of.

Seeing as I hate the Slenda Berry flavor shake, and I only have enough chocolate powder to make three more shakes – I’ve decided to only have one shake per day for the next three days and hopefully the new shipment of Right Size Chocolate Smoothies will arrive by day four. I’m counting on that – otherwise I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing. In the past, any such deviations have ended in dieting failure.

Day one of week two included a shake for breakfast and lunch, then the left over Turkey Chili for dinner. Again, it was all good. There was one slip, but it hasn’t caused me to lose my way.

It began when my daughter announced that she just received a fabulous report card. She’s in the sixth grade – the final year of elementary school where we live. She got all A’s and wanted to celebrate with ice cream. Who am I to say no and put a damper on the festivities. I did have a small amount of Bryers ice cream (my favorite) in the middle of two completely yummy home-made chocolate chip cookies. It really made the celebration!

On to day two.

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6 lbs Lost – dieting week 1

Day 7 is complete and one full week past and I’ve lost 6 lbs. Yeah for me! This diet program – Right Size Smoothies has actually been fairly easy to do. The chocolate shakes are really good. Except for that one day when I was starving all day – I haven’t really been  hungry in between meals.

Mid way through the week I received my second tub of smoothie mix and for whatever reason – I ordered the Slenda Berry flavor. I must have had a senior moment and something about berry flavored shakes sounded good to me. But, I don’t like either berries or most fruits. So, I mixed up my Splenda Berry shake, added some fresh strawberries to it – and just about gaged when I tried to drink it. It was so awful. Emperor Anton says I should just stick with it. But, I know how difficult dieting can be to begin with. I don’t think there’s even a chance of me making it to the end of the month with a diet I can’t stand. So, I promptly ordered another chocolate smoothie mix.

We managed to get to church this morning and I had not time to make my chocolate shake for breakfast. I had a apple flavored breakfast bar instead. Not very nutritious – but, it was better than nothing. For dinner on day 7 – I made this excellent turkey chili. Everything else was uneventful.

On to week 2.

Diet, diet, diet

I made it through day 6 – first weekend day of my endless journey to weight loss. Emperor Anton has suggested that I only do one diet shake per day instead of two. He strongly believes that I will be ravenous once I finish this diet program due to the lack of real food and calories. Just having this suggestion has gotten me off course. That’s the thing with dieting, at least for me, it really takes next to nothing to sabotage my dieting efforts. I suppose that’s because I really don’t want to be dieting to begin with. I am like all the other fat Americans – obese and lazy; wanting everything immediately and not have to work for anything – and, of course, I deserve this. Back to reality…. I did get off course on day 6, but it could have been worse.

Every Saturday for the past several years, my family, has been going to a local Boyertown diner – CD’s for breakfast. And CD’s – is a great place, but like most diners – not much selection for those of us trying to eat a healthy diet. So, I ordered my usual sausage and cheese on an english muffin WITH home fries. I could have done without the home fries, but…

So, for lunch, I did have my chocolate, Right Size Smoothie – and it was good.

Now, keep in mind that Emperor Anton said that 1 shake a day was far better than two. Did I mention that the Emperor is 6 feet tall and about 165 lbs – and all of that is muscle. I really think he’s got it in his head that because I’m trying to lose weight – I’m cranky. But, I’m not, at least no more than usual. So, dinner, I had left-over turkey sausage and rice stuff (Mexican Dry Rice Soup) – from day 5.

I made it through the day without too much trouble or calories – even with the Emperor trying to sabotage me.

Dieting and dining out… day 5

After my shake for breakfast and lunch, I found myself starving the rest of the day. I did have a Luna bar mid-morning – called Nutz Over Chocolate. These Luna bars are supposed to be vitamin bars for women. I got a box of them (12 or 24 bars) from at least a month ago. I had also purchased Cliff bars – which are really good from also. Anyway, mid-afternoon I was starving again and I had a rice cake with a TBS of natural peanut butter. I was ready to eat dinner at about 5pm. Emperor Anton, my other half, partner in crime, love of my life, wasn’t going to see the cherubs last night – so, we decided to dinner and a movie. He knew of a pizza place that he loved and thought I would too. It was near the Cinema where we were going to see the movie – Children of Men. The pizza place called Your Place Pizza – was gone. So, instead we ate at Chef Alan’s American Bistro.

Chef Alan’s American Bistro was adequate. It definitely got the job done. After the appetizer – artichoke and spinach dip – I would say I was full. The artichoke and spinach dip came with seasoned, very thin, slices of some sort of french bread. It was quite tasty, but I’m sure it was very unhealthy. For my main course I got a seafood cobb salad with bleu cheese dressing. It looked quite pretty when it was delivered -but it was just adequate in its taste. The shrimp and crab that were on the salad were excellent, but there were huge chunks of Gorgonzola cheese that was really strong. I think my least favorite part of the salad was the fresh greens that it was served on. I guess I prefer lettuce, romaine and spinach.

The best part of the evening was the Chinese massage we got from an Asian family in the Fairgrounds mall near Reading, PA. The restaurant was in the Fairgrounds Mall. I’m not a fan of malls – at all, but that’s where the Emperor wanted to go. After dinner we had two hours to kill until the movie started. So, we walked around the mall. In the center of the mall was a massage place – it wasn’t in a store – but right in the center of the walk way. Now, this may seem normal, but for me – it was weird. I guess I was looking at it a bit too long, cause within seconds the man was on my back telling me how tense I was. Well, of course I was tense – there was a strange man touching my back. He quickly convinced the Emperor that a massage was long over due. We both ended up getting a 20 minute massage. I’ve never paid for a massage before – but, geez – that was great!

Then it was movie time.

That was the end of day 5. I had more calories in that meal than I think I had all week.

Oh well – weight check on Monday.

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Dieting… Day 4

Nothing has changed at all. Two more shakes – breakfast and lunch. The gym didn’t happen on day 4. I think setting my minimum to three days a week could be a bad idea. I went three days by Wednesday and I’m thinking I’m not going to get back there until next week.

For dinner on day 4 I made an excellent dish that I haven’t made in years. For some reason, it’s called Mexican Dry Rice Soup. It isn’t a soup at all, but rather it’s more like Jambalaya.  Check it out in the recipe section.

I did hop on the scale yesterday – 6 lbs gone already. But the first several weeks always tend to be encouraging that way. Everyone says it’s only water weight – but, I don’t care what the weight is made of – gone is gone.