Turkey Chili – Hot and Fabulous

This is a crock pot recipe – but I’m sure it can be adapted to make on the stove.

2lbs lean ground turkey
1 large onion – chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
1 large green pepper chopped

saute all of the above and add to the crock pot – I use a 5 quart pot. Add to the pot:

2 cans of beans – I used black beans, but I’m sure you can use kidney, chili or pinto beans
1 4oz can of chopped green chilies
2 (16 oz) cans diced or stewed tomatoes – mexican style
1 can (16 oz) tomato sauce
1 tbs chili powder
1tsp cumin
salt & pepper to taste
Stir – cook on low for 6-8 hours.


  • #1 written by mush mush
    about 8 years ago

    Dude, i just tried this recipe. One word…FABULOUS!!

  • #2 written by autopartsgee
    about 8 years ago

    WOW! Taste delicious… I’m hungry now! I think I will make one for the Halloween festive! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  • #3 written by Crock Pot Recipes
    about 8 years ago

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  • #4 written by Philip
    about 8 years ago

    Great recipe, now I will try this with some cooked brown rice. The combination of this chilli and brown rice forms a complete protein. Thanks

  • #5 written by Jonas
    about 8 years ago

    i agree- I am having a spoonful right now. everyone needs to check this out!

  • #6 written by klamotten
    about 8 years ago

    sounds tasty, gonna try that recipe!

  • #7 written by Datant
    about 8 years ago

    Two of my fav things together – turkey and chilli!!! I’m going to try this one out tonight.

  • #8 written by Anthony Marquis
    about 8 years ago

    Here’s a great dish that I put together in 20 minutes.

    It’s called Chili Tuna Curry and it is as cheap as chips
    to make and wickedly tasty as well. I think you’re gonna like it!

    Chili Tuna Curry Recipe


    One Large Onion (peeled and roughly chopped)
    1 Inch of fresh ginger (peeled and finely chopped)
    1 flat teaspoon of garlic granules (use fresh garlic if you prefer)
    1 large green pepper (roughly chopped)
    1 large red pepper (roughly chopped)
    3 – 6 table spoons olive oil
    1 tin of chopped tomatoes (400 gram)
    1 tin of tuna in spring water(200 gram) drained
    2 table spoons of tomato puree
    3 table spoons of dark soy sauce
    2 heaped table spoons of Patak madras curry paste
    4 – 6 table spoons of vinegar
    2 flat table spoons of salt
    Fresh groung black pepper
    Juice from 1/2 a lemon
    2 teaspoons of extra hot chili powder (Use less if you prefer)
    Rice cooked


    Fry the onions until medium to dark brown.
    Add garlic and ginger.
    Add peppers and stir-fry on high heat for 5 minutes.
    Stir in curry paste.
    Fork in your Tuna and mix well.
    Add tinned tomatoes and tomato puree.
    Add salt, pepper, chili powder, vinegar, soy sauce
    and lemon juice and stir well.
    Reduce heat and simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes once it’s boiling.

    Dish up on a bed of rice.

    This meal serve four good helpings!

    I kid you not, this is a very tasty and yet cheap meal.
    You’ll love – I bet you!


  • #9 written by Indo Curry
    about 8 years ago

    I tried your dish and it turned out very delicious. I love the way the turkey becomes tender and juicy in the crockpot.

  • #10 written by Faxless Payday Loans
    about 8 years ago

    This is such a wonderful and informative way to reach others. I Will be more than glad to share this site

  • #11 written by فروشگاه
    about 8 years ago

    I am having a spoonful right now like that pal . everyone needs to check this out too.

    um, i like that method “Fry the onions until medium to dark brown”

  • #12 written by chili lover
    about 7 years ago

    Thank you for the great recipe! I have been looking for a lean chili crockpot recipe, and I will make sure to give this one a try this week. The other comments on this blog have made me want to try this chile even more!

  • #13 written by chilli king
    about 7 years ago

    great recipe, i’ve just tried it. being a lover of chilli peppers the only change i made was to use fresh chillies as opposed to powder. i find fresh nes give a much better flavour!

  • #14 written by Juice Recipes For Weight Loss
    about 7 years ago

    Great recipe. I like to try different chile recipes and adjust mine until some day I’ll have my own unique recipe that I pass down to my children.

  • #15 written by Used Ping Golf Clubs
    about 7 years ago

    Chili sounds really good right now, its FREEZING outside. I like the fact that it is made in a crock pot, its so much easier to set it on the way out the door and have dinner waiting for you when you get home.

  • #16 written by Detox King
    about 7 years ago

    I just printed the recipe and will try this weekend. One question?

    How many calories per serving? Chili is very high in calorie. With the turkey, will this be running in the 300 – 400 calorie range?

    I love chili, however had to drop from my diet so far.

  • #17 written by Scott Roberts
    about 7 years ago

    There’s nothing in the spicy food world like a good bowl of chili (with the exception of hot wings). Thanks for the recipe.

  • #18 written by Matt from Protein Shakes and Powders
    about 7 years ago

    Agreed with Philip above… combine this with some brown rice, and you’ve got a kick ass protein kick! :P

  • #19 written by Indian Curry Recipes
    about 7 years ago

    I love slow cooked crockpot recipes. I tried yours and it turned out to be very delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  • #20 written by Free Recipes Lover
    about 7 years ago

    I never thought turkey chili could taste so good. Thank you, I absolutely adore your recipe!

  • #21 written by Patents
    about 7 years ago

    This is an easy recipe, jazz it up as you see fit.
    1 pound ground turkey
    1 medium vidalia onion, diced
    1 small can chopped green chiles
    1 28 oz can diced tomatoes in juice
    1 small can tomatoe paste
    1 14 oz can red kidney beans
    Chile Powder

    Heat skillet on medium heat, add a tablespoon of vegtable oil, and add onions. Saute for about two minutes, then add turkey. Add 1/2 tablespoon of chile powder. Stir and break meant apart constantly until browned.

    In a deep pot, add ground turkey, onions, and canned ingredients. Stir well until combined and heat on medium low heat for at least 45 minutes, two hours if possible. Add more chile powder to taste, feel free to add tobasco sauce or other seasomings, as well. Hope you enjoy!

  • #22 written by Popcorn or Chilli
    about 7 years ago

    MMMM! Looks positively delicious. I have never thought about making chill with turkey. Never popped into my mind. Would be a lot healthier than pork or beef. I will have to try that.

  • #23 written by Jay Chedip
    about 7 years ago

    Try substituting the canned chilli with a scotch bonnet chilli – pack an incredibly hot punch, but leaves little aftertaste and your mouth cools down more quickly!

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    about 6 years ago

    I’ll stick a link to this website on my blog. I am certain my readers will think of this info really great.

  • #25 written by Baby Breathing Monitor
    about 6 years ago

    Sounds yummy and healthy!! Thanks for sharing that recipe!

  • #26 written by Turkey
    about 6 years ago

    Thank you for your recipe. Looks very tasty:)

  • #27 written by thai lady
    about 6 years ago

    If you really want a great weight loss dish. Check out this thaigreen papaya salad called Somtum

  • #28 written by best handheld vacuum
    about 6 years ago

    Sounds good but very complex. My trick is to take a premade, low-fat vegetarian chili, and add a few ingredients like curry and ground turkey meat.

    Doesn’t taste quite as good, but it very healthy and good for anybody low on time.

  • #29 written by Geoff
    about 6 years ago

    We are getting more into non-English food at home such as Chinese, Indian and Thai. There`s so much to try out.

  • #30 written by Bianca Veasley
    about 5 years ago

    Thanks very much for that! My mum recently harvested a garden full of tomatoes before the winter really set in, and I found myself the owner of two or five buckets worth! Of course I couldnt eat them all like that, but I did find a website full of tons more tomato recipes here. A website dedicated the topic!! Crazy what you can find on the internetz these days!!

  • #31 written by Patrick Reidinger
    about 5 years ago

    Thank you. I’m supposed to cook for my new vegan girlfriend next week and have absolutely no idea what to make! I found a ton of recipes at this vegetarian recipe site but with so mnay to choose from I just got confused. Do you have any recommendations, like .. the tastiest vegetarian recipe, ever, or something?! Thanks in advance! I’m so clueless about this vegetarian stuff

  • #32 written by BT
    about 5 years ago

    If your trying to lose weight don’t use black beans. Also unless your buying lean ground turkey your only saving about 20 calories per serving compared to lean ground beef FYI. For more flavor try adding some paprika, ground mustard, a dash of liquid smoke. To spice it up you can use a little hot sauce, asian chilli sauce like sriracha, diced jalapeno (always try them first to see how spicy they are), or crushed red pepper. I use all of the above. Go easy on each, you can always add any off the elements to each individual bowl to suit everyone’s taste. To really add some depth and some kick trying using chipotles in adobo sauce, the adobo will give you a deep rich flavor and each chipotle you use will kick up the heat a notch. For a soupier chili add some beer, anywhere from a 1/3 bottle to the whole thing, a cheap lager will do fine or a nice dark beer will add some character. Also chicken or beef broth will give you this effect. Chicken or beef stock will thicken. I use whatever I have and if I have beer and broth I use a little of both. Also after you refridgerate your chili the flavors seem to marry even more, you can make a large batch and freeze for later, it will keep perfectly well. One more thing, when you refridgerate your chili it will absorb some of the liquid, maybe almost UP to a 1/3, so keep this in mind whether your looking for a chunkier or more liquid like chili. I hope you find some of this useful.

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