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It’s been over half a year since my last post and much, much longer since I did any posts on diet program reviews. So, I thought it about time that I get back to it with upcoming days of spring and summer.

My first diet review will be for what I’m doing right now – create my OWN diet plan. I’ve gone through Jenny Craig and NutriSystem, both are plans that had required you to by all your food from them. The basis of these plans is portion control (in addition to other nutritional values). So, I figured I can create the exact same plan without spending all the money the other diet programs require.

First thing I did was to take a trip to my local grocery store and see what was available in the pre-packaged foods. There were many to choose from. I went to the freezer section to select my lunch and dinner entrees. For lunches, I know that I need things that are quick and easy and able to be microwaved from the office; they also need to be lower in calories to make this venture successful. For lunch I got a bunch of different types of frozen pizzas –
Smart Ones pizza minis, three cheese pizza, etc
Lean Cuisine four cheese pizza, deep dish pizza, french bread pizza – many more!

Dinners, I also found a great selection of frozen meals. I’m not a big meat-eater so I was able to find lots of pastas, fish and other respectable entrees.

Breakfast, I decided I would either stick to breakfast bars, frozen egg sandwiches – anything that I didn’t have to weigh and measure and came already portion controlled (which is the point of this plan).

Last – dessert and snacks. Well, I found tons of options here. To satisfy my ice cream need, I got weight watchers (Smart Ones) desserts. They have a cookie-dough sundae that is amazing (if you don’t think of it as ‘real’ ice cream). Then I was able to find another huge assortment of 100-calorie packs. I know, they’re all packaging and super expensive compared to buying the regular size. But, again this is all about portion control and I’m not well enough yet to trust myself to do the portions.

I started this last week, had a few slips and now – after Easter, I need to get serious again.
Monday! They best day to get serious about a new diet program.

That’s all for now!