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My therapist thinks so!
I’ve been having some much trouble making good food choices for the past many months. It’s sweets – desserts, ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s, DQ Blizzards, Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and on and on and on….

I have one fabulous child left at home and she’s looking at colleges. Yikes! She’s a junior in High School and definitely college-bound. It looks like I have only 14 months left of her. She’s incredibly social, so she’s not ‘around’ all that much, but at least she comes home to sleep every night and I know she’s never much farther than 10 miles from home.

I have been having the worst time sticking to my exercise program and resisting all the sweets that come my way – and there are many. So, off to the therapist I go, wanting to discover what could be the cause of my struggle.

My therapist knows me fairly well after all these years – at least 10 years! She listened to me ramble on about all that’s going on in my life. All the ups and downs, extreme hardships of raising my boys on my own, back to school, getting a job, many deaths – overall a fairly normal, albeit busy life.

And the diagnosis – once all the kids are gone – AKA Empty Nest Syndrome – I will have to deal with myself and my issues. Not putting all my energy into the kids, the house, the financial issues and on and on and on…. I will be there, alone and have nothing to occupy my time, but me. And that scares the crap out of me.

So, I eat sweets to help cover up all the ‘sour’ that’s coming my way.

What do you think?