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Though they tell you not to give up all of your secrets at the very start when you’re writing your story (because you want someone to read the whole thing and not stop at the first line) I’m going to tell you my weight loss secrets right now, anyway. My diet was quite simple, actually. At least, it was when I learned about the protein from whey and casein.

What does that mean? What do whey protein and casein have to do with weight loss? Well that’s why you have to keep reading! See! I had a strategy after all.

When I was in college, I was in great shape. Weight loss – according to my know-it-all self of the time – was for people who just didn’t care about themselves. After all, if I could eat whatever I wanted (in enormous portions, no doubt), cook it all in butter, and exercise only when I felt like it, and yet still look fit, then it must mean that anyone who was overweight just wasn’t trying to lose weight. Right?

Then I graduated. It was after graduation that I actually learned something useful. I had been living in a lucky bubble experienced by only a small part of the population for a tiny fraction of their lives, and that bubble had just burst. Every time I stepped on the scale, I saw a higher number. It was time to diet. No problem! I used to drop 5 pounds in a week without breaking a sweat. The thing was, it didn’t seem to be working anymore.

I tried everything from the cabbage soup fad diet to cutting (my favorite!) carbs. Nothing worked. I could drop a pound or two, but then it would come rushing back; and it brought friends! I was miserable. I felt ugly and my health suffered. The only thing that was shrinking was my wallet, since I had to replace my entire wardrobe every time I gained more weight.

Ten years passed and I decided to put my education to good use. I started some research. Lots of it. The latest science showed me that everything I’d been doing was wrong. It was slowing down my metabolism!

The solution was to pay attention to my macronutrients. Specifically, to boost lean protein while eating healthy fats and eating fewer carbs. I started including whey protein shakes into my routine and taking casein supplements.

The protein in the whey shakes let me get through the day without feeling hungry, and the casein protein boost gave me the long-lasting energy I needed to get through my exercise routine without suffering from fatigue.

With hunger and fatigue under control, and my metabolism running at its best, I finally lost the weight. I have my youthful college figure back again but without the youthful ignorance that kept me from maintaining in the first place. Talk to your doctor about protein from whey and casein to try it for yourself.