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My Favorite Part of the Mediterranean Diet

I recently wrote a post on what I miss most since I started the Mediterranean Diet (ice cream for those who missed that post). But there are many things and foods that I really enjoy since following the Mediterranean Diet.

First and foremost – I love the way I feel, I love the fact that the weight is coming off so easily and I love that my health continues to improve. But there are foods that I love too. These are some of the new foods (new to me) that I really like -

1. Hummus, and I like the Tribe Brand the best. I like the red pepper, garlic and the 40 spices flavors.

2. Black bean & corn salad (see past post)

3. Whole grain, multi-grain breads – they’re so good

4. FISH – who knew I could love fish???

5. Finally, the thing I love the most about the Mediterranean Diet – RED WINE! My doctor says I need to have one glass of red wine every day. I love that!

Mediterranean Diet – What I Miss the Most…

It’s been almost two months since I started the Mediterranean Diet in which I gave up sugar, dairy and white flour. I admit that I feel great, I’ve lost at least 10 lbs, my cholesterol has dropped a significant amount, and I miss ice cream most of all.

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae  It was easy to give up white flour, white rice, white pasta. Much of the change was very easy for me – it was a new and different mind-set – but from the get-go I never felt like I was “dieting”. There was never a date a weight or an event where this was all coming to an end. This was my new life. Any time that I felt tempted to go back to my old ways – I would remind myself that if I continued down that path – I would surely die (at least sooner than later). But, all that being said – the one food that I miss most of all – ICE CREAM. Wonderful, chocolate ice cream! From Bryers to Ben & Jerry’s – I love it all. I miss Dairy Queen Blizzards made with chocolate soft-serve, Snickers, Butterfingers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! I miss hot fudge sundae’s from Courtney’s Sundae Shoppe. I miss Breuster’s – Peanut Butter Cup Sundaes. I even miss the little Weight Watchers DIET sundaes and ice cream treats.

Now, I feel better than ever and I’m not going back there… and my doctor has even said that an occasional indulgence is fine – it just can’t be a way-of-life anymore. And it’s not.

Mediterranean Diet Improves Cholesterol Dramatically

I have been going to see my family doctor once every three months to have my blood pressure and cholesterol checked. This was the visit that was going to decide if I need to go on cholesterol lowering drugs or not. Well, I started this Mediterranean on August 20th. My last visit to my doctor in July, my cholesterol was 245. This visit my cholesterol was 170 – a dramatic difference. My doctor was ecstatic at the results. She couldn’t believe the results.

So, no cholesterol-lowering drugs for me!

I have to go back to the doctor in the beginning of January to see how I do over the next few holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Ugh!