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I was completely hooked on sugar. I didn’t used to be a sugar addict, but in recent years, especially after I met my husband – desserts became an everyday event. We would go out for ice cream many times a week; search for the best cheesecake in almost every area we traveled to – I was completely sold on sugar. I would insist that chocolate was essential to my health and well-being. I told myself many lies in order to not have to give up sugar.

But my latest visit with my doctor, convinced me that I REALLY needed to change for the sake of my health. That’s when I changed my lifestyle and adopted the Mediterranean diet. The change was dramatic and difficult for the first many days, but became easier and easier with each passing day. Sugar was the most difficult “food group” to give up. I would seriously crave sugar, desserts, CHOCOLATE – everything I used to love. Evenings were the most difficult time of day. That’s when I would always have the most sugar. It was almost like a reward for getting through the day.

After one month of a sugar-free lifestyle – the cravings are gone. I feel 100 times better and I have dropped nearly 9 pounds.

How much sugar do you consume?

I’d love to hear about others who have broken the sugar addition!