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Weight Watchers – Down 16 Lbs

I’ve lost 16 lbs since last year at this time.

For me, Weight Watchers is the way to go. It’s not so restrictive that I feel trapped. It’s flexible enough for my lifestyle and allows me to eat the foods that I love and still lose weight. It’s all about portion control.

I have to give Weight Watchers a big thumbs up!

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle or Dieting – Which are You Doing?

As I was replying to a recent comment on my “down 4 lbs” post, I realized that I am always “dieting”. I have not embraced a healthy lifestyle and this became crystal clear when I realized that I’m either eating “right” or not. This is definitely a dieting mentality. And I wonder why I can’t seem to lose weight!

If I were focused on living and eating a healthful diet, an occassional treat or indulgence would be ok. I would still be eating healthy and NOT dieting.

What do you think? Are you eating healthy or dieting?