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TideThis is a bit off-topic for me, but this is something that REALLY bothers me about big companies trying to deceive the consumers. For many years now, we’ve ONLY used Tide Laundry Detergent because after trying many other brands – name brands and off-brands, we found that Tide did the best job. We buy it on sale, try and use coupons, etc. because the stuff isn’t cheap.

My mother, who lives with us, generally does our laundry (I know – how great is that!) brought the changes in the Tide measuring cap to my attention. She was very upset and felt like she was being taken advantage of by a corporate giant – Procter & Gamble. She’s been using the liquid detergent for years and became very accoustomed to the measuring cap on the top of every bottle. She doesn’t know when the change occurred, but she realized that the bottle had a new cap. The new cap was actually a different size than the old cap. Apparently the new cap is larger and the measuring lines are far below where they were in the old cap. Now, I don’t believe this is an accident at all, but a way to get the loyal consumers to unknowingly use more of the product.

My mother was furious when she figured this out! She also said the the measuring lines are so small and difficult to read. But she had been filling the cap up to the spot that she had done for years, not realizing that the size had changed and she was using more detergent with each load since the cap change.

I found another interesting post on Tide and their deceptive practices here –

That’s my rant for the day!