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I was talking to my husband, Adam this morning about what to write a post about today (not even through January and I’m already out of ideas! UGH). He rattled off a few ideas and then he started complaining about his weight. Now Adam is 6ft tall and maybe 170 lbs – not exactly obese or even overweight. So, I roll my eyes at him – because I have the perpetual 20-30 lbs that I need to lose – really! And he comes back at me and exclaims “just because a person is skinny, doesn’t mean that they’re healthy”. And, he’s right.

He has a naturally high metabolism and he’s definitely active – yard work, shoveling massive amounts of snow, bike riding, etc. His diet is about the same as mine – not necessarily watching what we’re eating like we should be, but he doesn’t gain weight. But, he has high cholesterol and this can be a serious health issue. In fact, I’m 20lbs overweight according to the charts for my age and height, but my cholesterol is fine.

We always seem to assume that heavy = unhealthy and I suppose, in general that can be true as we hear all the time the diseases and conditions that obesity play a huge roll in. But, we rarely think about those who appear to be “healthy” may actualy have as many health issues as those of us with weight to lose.

Thanks for listening.