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I really don’t know why some people seem to be more successful at losing weight, but I have an idea as to why I’ve failed on a number of weight loss programs. I don’t think it was necessarily the specific program that was at fault – I know it was me. There are a few programs that I tried in the past that were so restrictive that I did feel as if I was set up to fail, but for the most part – the diets work fine – I don’t.

Anyone who’s familiar with trying to lose weight or dieting knows that there will be slips during the course of the program. This has been my downfall on every single attempt I’ve made at loosing weight. I believe this goes back to the psychology of weight loss. Sometimes it’s too hard to get past a simple mistake. But, it is worth the effort to push through and not give up!

Currently I’m successfully doing the Weight Watchers Flex program. Last Thursday I was hungry ALL DAY LONG. No idea why, but I was. I used up all my 22 alloted points for the day; then went through the extra 7 optional points for the day and I even dipped in to the 35 extra weekly points that can be used. Then Friday came around and I felt defeated with the program and that gave me the excuse to NOT follow the plan that day and this attitude continued through the weekend.

Normally, this would have been the end of the diet for me. I would have felt like a failure and continued with my bad, unhealthy eating habits until I got myself motivated to start yet another weight loss program. But, this time I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back on the horse and JUST DO IT. And I did.

The four days of not following the Weight Watchers program did cause me to gain 0.2 lbs – which could have been another cause to give in to my urges to eat ANYTHING & EVERYTHING I want instead of what is good for me, my mind and body. But I pushed through and made it. I’ve now lost another 2.2 lbs and I feel successful again.

I know there will be many more challenges ahead of me in my path to reach my desired weight. Hopefully I have learned from this lesson to NOT GIVE UP.