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As anyone who reads this blog knows, I just started the online version of Weight Watchers. When I signed up I was asked to decide if I wanted to do the Flex or Core Programs. I chose the Flex Plan. Here is my interpretation of what each plan is all about. Both plans incorporate the Points System, but not in the same way or capacity.
The Core Plan seems to be for those who do NOT want to have to weigh and measure. You pick from a list of foods and pay attention to your hunger signals. The points come in to play when you want/need to eat foods that are not on the approved list. I imagine this would happen during holiday meals, parties, vacations, etc. The foods on this plan have a low number of calories, but more water, air or fiber per serving, relative to the food’s weight. From what I can tell, this plan is low on carbs and higher on veggies, fruit and lean meats.

The Flex Plan allows you to eat any food you like, but you need to stick to the number of daily points allowed. Food points are based on a serving of the food’s calories, grams of fat, and grams of fiber. This plan is all about portion control. So, being able to have any food you like sounds great – but if you want to have “enough” food to feel full – you really need to make healthier food choices.

I like the Flex plan because, even though I am making healthier choices in what I eat – I don’t feel limited by the types of foods that I’m allowed to eat. I’m allowed up to 22 points per day. And, I get additional points for the exercise that I do each day too.