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The summer is winding down for me and my family. Most of my friends’ kids started back to school this past Monday, but the schools where we live don’t begin until after Labor Day. Even before the last full week of summer, I start getting anxious about the summer ending. I love summer. I love weather. I love not having to get anybody up for school.

But, it’s over and life goes on. Back to the fast pace of normal life. In fact, in the business we’re in – the fall is probably the most hectic time of the year. We’re working hard to have all the websites we work with in prime position for the holiday season. The holiday season for us starts with Halloween. One of my favorite site offers Halloween Costumes – – and it’s very competitive in that niche – for one month a year.

So, as we settle in to the reality that the summer is over and we’re back to business, I decided that it’s time, once again that I best start taking better care of myself. I’m the type of person that is usually good or bad. There’s never been much of a middle-ground. I eat food that’s good for me and my soul or I eat whatever I want. When I can’t stick to the rigid plan that I’ve imposed on myself – I give up and go back to all the food I love that’s so bad for me and my body, soul and mind. Realizing this, I decided to give myself a bit of a break by not being so hard on myself, which I believe ultimately sets me up for failure time after time.

I started this past Monday to cut down dramatically on the white flour and sugar. This has worked well for me in the past. So far, it’s been easy. I’m not restricting myself but trying to really make a lifestyle change verses a diet. I don’t have a goal number in my head. I want to be healthy. Next step – exercise.