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This is a bit “off-topic”, but my life feels as if it’s been off-topic for some time now. I want to talk about Bluetooth headsets and accessories today. You may know that we moved a few months back. We now live in a very secluded area on top of what I call a mountain, but to most of the world it would be a hill. Since we moved we’ve come to realize that we don’t have a cell phone signal up here. So we had to make some adjustments in our lives. These adjustments, which at first I saw as negative have become a blessing. We were forced to have our cell phone go through our Internet connection. Because of this we had to get new cell phones that were able to handle this. I got a Blackberry – I love my Blackberry.

This brings me to what I really want to talk about – Bluetooth headsets and accessories. I’ve always found it curious to watch people walking down the street or driving in their cars appearing to be talking out loud to themselves. Now I can do that too with one of the Bluetooth headsets that I just got. It’s amazing that I haven’t been an accident yet due to talking on my cell while driving. But with the headset – I don’t have to use my hands. My lack of cell phone signal has increased my knowledge of Bluetooth accessories. I heard the ads of phones that were “Bluetooth ready”. I had no idea what that meant.

I thought that Bluetooth was the name of the little device that seemed to grow out of the heads of a select group of people. But, Bluetooth is actually a technology that allows devices to connect without the nasty cables that have infested most of our lives. The Bluetooth headsets are the devices that a fixed to the ears of many people, but there are many more Bluetooth accessories. Some of the accessories include – stereo speakerphones and these cool adapters that let you wirelessly connect your PC with other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headsets, mobile phones, cameras and printers. It’s very cool.