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Lady in a BoxI feel like I’m at the point of desperation. I try and try and I’m spinning my wheels. I start over and over again and I cannot seem to stick to any weight loss plan. My life is in more turmoil now than usual. My father is sick again. My youngest son is in a “program”. We are trying to sell our house. We are buying a new house (with an inground pool!!!! – my childhood dream come true). I’m sure there is more going on, but my brain has shut down. But, again – are these all just convenient excuses?

I went to see my OBGYN for the annual visit (I think it had actually be 2 years). He’s all about diet and nutrition (I think that’s what kept me away for that extra year). He’s started sponsoring a weight and health management program where it must be medically supervised. I talked to him and his staff about the program and it’s intensive. There are so few doctors in my area (none, in fact) that offer the program.

I did a little research (due diligence!) before I decided to get on board. It’s called Ultra Lite and it’s from Australia. It’s sounds very rigid and structured (something that has always been lacking in my life). The foods that you can eat are all “normal” – nothing packaged – but, it’s a very short list. There’s also a nutritional supplement that has to be taken 4 times a day and I believe this helps with hunger and cravings. It’s set up to be – not a diet, but a lifestyle changing plan.

I remember, sometime back when I was far more actively blogging – one of my very favorite bloggers, Lady Rose, started a medically supervised weight loss plan. She spoke very highly of the program she was on. She’s been an inspiration to me and I’m certain – many others would agree.

The emperor and I are going to West Palm Beach the first week in April. The Ultra Lite program is a 5 week plan to start. It helps get rid of the toxins in the body and continues after the 5th week, but the first 5 weeks are key to success. I decided to plan my start date for April 7th – the Monday after we return from Florida. I was going to start today, but the trip would be right in the middle of the program and I want to have a 5 week stretch where we have no plans at all.

April 7th I will begin the Ultra Lite program. If I can’t stick to something for 5 weeks – I seriously have problems. I’m committed to do this program AND I also committed to blogging every day that I’m doing the program.