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Stink EyeIt’s been a long, long fall and now we’re well in to winter and I’ve yet to write a post; concentrate on my health in general, let alone losing the 20+ pounds I’ve added to my small-to-adverage frame over 2007. I should correct that – I didn’t gain 20+ pounds, I just didn’t lose any of the weight that I set out to lose last year. I did lose it for short periods of time, but it all came right back.

The issue really isn’t about being motivated. I will never be motivated all the time – it’s a fact. But, I need to take my health more seriously – especially with my family history. I received innumerable comments – most of which were very encouraging.

I thought last year was full of stress – even positive stress can wreak havoc on the body; but this year is proving to top last year and we’ve only made it through three weeks of January. This year, my fathers’ cancer has returned; we’re both (the Emperor and myself) full-time self-employed – meaning we have to carry our own health insurance! and rely on our clients to pay us; we’re selling our house; we have an agreement on a new house, so, we’ll be moving – ugh!; my son is dealing with some issues due to VERY poor choices he made over the past year; there may be more happening, but my poor brain is fried.

I keep coming back to the thoughts of starting up with Jenny Craig again. It’s a comfortable plan, because it’s so familiar to me and I’ve always done well and enjoyed it. It is expensive though. But, I think it may be what I need just to get myself back on track.

That’s where I am today.