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As I said in an earlier post – I started the book Faithfully Fit today. It’s not set up as a diet or exercise program, but more of a spiritual and motivational guide. I read the intro and skimmed the first few pages. It reminds me of Overeaters Anonymous. Where the control is handed over to a “higher power” or, for me, God.

Any diet can be used. I’m going to make good food choices and keep my calories to 1200 per day. I’ll be using a variety of foods and also using the remaining Jenny Craig foods that are still in my freezer. I got weighed this morning and I now have a solid 30 pounds to lose. I know the first 7-10 pounds will be easy. After that – we’ll see.

I had planned to go food shopping last night to insure that all necessary foods were available. But, I ended up going to the Simpson’s Movie instead. I’ll be using left over Jenny Craig food until I get myself over to the store.

Emperor Anton has also committed to losing a few pounds and more important for him – exercising daily with me. And when I say daily – I mean five days a week. This week we’re just committed to going for 20 minutes a day. We don’t want to over do it and ultimately give up.

So… breakfast

1 JC French Toast with syrup – 250 calories.
1oz cheddar – 100 cal
JC Turkey Burger – 280 calories
Bruschetta Chips – 130 calories
Orange Roughy & Whole Grain Rice – 280 calories
Kids size Rita’s Italian Ice – 160 calories

Total Calories – 1200

20 minutes – cardio & weights

Faithfully Fit message…

Day 1 is all about “Surrender” and the problem eater. It really is like step 1 of a 12 step program. This step has to do with giving up power and control; acknowledging that there is in fact a problem; and that you are “powerless” to handle this problem; and handing it over to God.

I definitely struggled with this issue – years ago when I briefly attended Overeaters Anonymous. It wasn’t accepting that I was powerless and that I couldn’t do this all by myself… it was “handing it over to God”. And it wasn’t that I wanted to remain in the drivers seat – I didn’t. But, I didn’t know HOW to hand it off to God. It took me years to figure this out and I’m not even sure that I can wrap my whole head around this – yet. But, I’m thinking that it has to do with handing the “problems” that cause me to overeat, over to God. I guess, being very literal, I always thought that I was to give the dieting over to God and I really didn’t see anyway that He was going to be able to diet for me. Silly me.

After the reading about surrender, there were a few assignments (which I haven’t done yet). I’m actually waiting for my girlfriend to come over this evening and we’re going to really start the program together. But, me, liking to start everything on Monday’s – I got a head start.

The assignment involves – prayer, scripture, affirmations and then suggestions. More tomorrow…