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I was just tagged by Krissy Poopyhands, who was inspired by the fabulous Flabuless. I think this is an excellent mission; but this is going to be difficult. Here are the requirements as written by Flabuless:

So I challenge other bloggers out there to take part in the same life changing exercise…Instead of concentrating on the negative points of why you want to loose weight and what you hate about yourself…how about writing 5 points about who you are and why you are ok just like that, they can be quirky, embarrassing, brutally honest, boring it doesn’t matter…You are perfect, you are unique and you should accept yourself with all your quirks–’Just as you are’…Make sure you write it honestly and positively as I have done above. It will be a list that you might need to revisit every day for the next year to remind yourself, that you are ok, and your life is going to turn out ok…but more importantly it will be an affirmation to yourself and the first step in appreciating YOU just as you are.

Here’s how it works…Take up the challenge yourself then choose 5 people to tag…list those chosen ones on your blog under your entry and then visit their blog and write them a comment letting them know they have been ‘tagged’ to take part in the challenge…keep track of who participates and record their links on your blog as they post their entries.Eventually we will be able to follow a trail from everyone’s blog linking to other blogs and their tagged blogs etc…it could be huge… Tell your blogging mates…and lets start a craze and grow and learn to love ourselves through doing this.Plus, inspired by 2kbloggers, my dream is to set up a photo montage, of ALL who participate, with links back to their individual blog posts…Now I am getting goose bumps…IMAGINE a photo montage of 2,000 ‘Fatbloggers’ accepting themselves…Just as they are! Ok, Ok so I am thinking Big!!!! I always do…but if you think this is a neat idea then get onboard and lets start making an impact sort of like the ‘pay it forward’ phenomenon. And if you would like to be on the montage…start sending me your photo’s with links to your challenge post…so that I can set it up.

So here it goes – 5 positive things about me:

1. I am funny. I think my humor would be considered “dry”. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. And I do.
2. I have great ankles. It’s one part of my body that I’ve always loved. Great ankles – flow nicely into my feet (which aren’t bad either).
3. I am ambitious, driven and an eternal optimist. I do love that about myself. If something needs to get done – I will get it done. I can keep my spirit up in the worst of times and I can pass that on to others in need.
4. I have great hair. It’s thick, bouncy and it’s always been a great color (it gets a little help now!)
5. I am artistically talented. I do love that about myself. I can and do create. I can take something empty and void and make it vibrate.

That was difficult.

Now I’m going to tag 5 bloggers who, I hope are up to the Challenge -

1. Crabby McSlacker of Cranky Fitness – a list I would love to read
2. Emperor Anton of Pixelhead (my most favorite person)
3. The dude from TotalTransformation
4. ???

This was even more difficult than the actual challenge. I don’t out much (in the blogging community, that is) – and I hardly know anyone. So sad for me :(