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While away in Puerto Rico I had lots of time to think – which can be good or bad. But, in this case, it was good. I was thinking back on simpler times when I was committed to going to the gym every day. At that time, I was doing Curves for my daily workouts. I worked in Allentown, PA – which is about 45 minutes from my house – so I joined the Curves in Allentown so it would be convenient to work – theoretically making it that much easier for me to exercise. This was back when I lost the 70 or so pounds. I was so committed to exercising that on the days that I worked from home – I would still drive the 45 minutes to Curves – so I wouldn’t miss my daily workout. I look back on that time and think – WOW! What a fat ass I’ve become.

It’s too easy to get out of that routine. It’s so easy to stay in bed. My list of excuses as to why I don’t exercise daily has become monumental. I look at people who do exercise daily and I used to think that they had something that I was lacking… but, I’ve come to realize that the only difference is that they just do it – while I review my list of excuses to find the most appropriate excuse each day.

Which brings me to back to Puerto Rico. These thoughts were swimming around in my head – remembering just how good I felt – mentally, emotionally and physically, when I was exercising daily. At that point – I made a commitment to get back to it as soon as I got home. I just have to say – we’ve been home from the honeymoon for three days now – and I have yet to get my fat ass to the YMCA! But – I’m still committed!

In the mean time – I found this great blog that was exactly what I needed – Run FatAss Run!