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For me, it’s been an interesting Spring. I remember hearing of an ancient Chinese curse that i always thought was curious – but, now I have a little more insight. The curse went – “May you live in interesting times”. When life is peaceful and I’m content – “interesting” is probably not how I would describe my life. But, when turmoil is run amuck – now, that’s interesting.

I believe that some of this is brought on myself – the craziness that I create in my work life; my attitude toward food that is rarely harmonious; my inability to just relax. Aside from these fine attributes – the events of this past Spring – were definitely more than I could have imagined. Here’s what I consider to be a “high-level” glimpse of the events of Spring ’07:

1. My divorce is final after only 6 years! Yea! free to marry Adam – just need his divorce to come through.
2. My father – whom I love to death – is diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer
3. My lovely 16 year old son is picked up for possession of marijuana
4. Adam’s divorce is final!!!!
5. My father – who also has a serious heart condition that should have killed him 20 years ago – decides to have his bladder removed in lieu of chemo and radiation – a decision that I fully supported.
6. Adam and I decide to get married ASAP! It’s always been the goal – but, my father’s condition accelerated a traditionally stressful situation – making it that much more bountiful.
7. My father has the surgery; comes through with flying colors; only to find out it was too much strain on his heart and we spent several grueling nights anticipating a call from the hospital informing us of what we anticipated to be inevitable.
8. Praise be to God – my father is doing extremely well (all things considered) and it appears that he will make a full recovery – that is for a 70 year old man with a heart condition and a bladder created from an intestine.
9. Four weeks before the wedding – I get a call from my ex-mother-in-law notifying me of her son – my recent ex husband’s death. Again – knew he would show up one day – couldn’t foresee this. ***Note – I’m sure I’m getting on that jetliner that’s headed straight to hell for saying this – but, when it was all said and done – I was doing a happy dance.
10. In-laws that I hadn’t seen or heard from in YEARS start crawling out of the woodworks. A handful of these people I’m quite fond of – but, a few of them you can find in the dictionary under the entry for “evil”.
11. I whisk the two minor children and the Emperor off to an impromptu vacation on the Outer Banks to stay out of the path of evil – THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING!.
12. We get married and go to Puerto Rico for the honeymoon – and from start to finish – it was amazing!!! and I actually didn’t do ANY work. This is the first time in countless years that I actually stopped; relaxed; and really took a vacation.

If I wasn’t so exhausted from the events that presented themselves our first day back from the honeymoon – I’d add them to the list. But, in truth, it’s now summer – so, I surmise that I should begin a new list.

In closing, I’d like to say that as “interesting” as the Spring of ’07 has been – when all is said and done – it’s been all good. Though, much of it was difficult at the time that it was happening… the support and kind words from a few bloggers that I’ve really come to enjoy and take much pleasure in reading their blogs – was appreciated more than I can say. The lovely Lady Rose of The Incredible Shrinking Ladies and The Diet Pulpit – where you can vote for them!; one of my favorite bloggers – Krissy PoopyHands; and Cranky Fitness – a blog that makes me laugh hard – and that’s so important. There are many, many more – but, now I’m really tired and I’m going to bed.