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So my father’s in the hospital recovering from recent bladder surgery where they completely removed his bladder and built a new one using his intestine – imagine that! He’s had a serious heart condition for the past 20 years and we considered him “living on borrowed time” for at least the past 10 years. About a month ago now, he finds out that he has aggressive bladder cancer… who would have thunk that it would be cancer and not a heart attack that would take him out. They presented him with the option of chemo and radiation that would have a 30% success rate of taking care of the cancer; or to have this surgery that – if his heart could hold up – would remove 100% of the cancer. According to him – there wasn’t anything to consider – surgery it was.

Well he made it through the bladder surgery with excellent results. The days following were not so good. In fact we really thought that he was not going to make it. The actual surgery wasn’t the problem – but the stress it put on his heart; the fact that he couldn’t be on his normal cardio medications; the anxiety he was experiencing – were the problems. But, through an intense amount of prayer; support from the staff in the critical care unit of Pottstown Memorial Hospital and the family that traveled far and wide to be with us…. he survived; is doing fabulous and can now be labeled as “indestructible”.

Now, it is due to the family that traveled far and wide to support us through this trauma that led me to the Philly Cheesesteak. Most of my extended family started out in the greater Philadelphia area, but have over the years moved to other parts of the country. There are several foods that are dearly missed by those originating from Philly. Many places try to duplicate these foods – but, personally I’ve yet to find a place outside of Philadelphia that can even come close to the originals. The cheesesteak is on the top of the list. Long story-short – that last night of the visiting relatives we went out for cheesesteaks at The Ice House in Pottstown, PA.

It was fabulous!

I did some checking on the calories and there seems to be a fairly large range. I did get a small cheesesteak – 8″ and it seems as if the calories could be anywhere from 710 – 1400. So, here’s my food from yesterday:

Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich – cal=200
Meatball Sandwich – cal=260
Anytime Vitamin bar – cal=110
Philly Cheesesteak – cal=710 (I make the rules so I’m going with the lowest!)

Total calories = 1280

Wow – that’s not too bad. Of course if I used the highest calories it would be – 1970.