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I’ve been seriously hungry since I started Jenny Craig, but I think it’s because I started on a Saturday. Boredom has been a serious issue this weekend as work’s been a bit slow lately. And, when I’m bored I want to eat. So, the combination of just starting a new weight loss program with Jenny and being bored at the same time has made me feel hungry or at least, just want to eat.

But, I made it through the weekend and I’m still on track and back to work. It’s so much easier to diet when busy. My mind isn’t as much on the food as it is on the work. And, speaking of the mind and weight loss – I just started writing articles on weight loss, dieting and SEO for Suite 101. It’s not as if dieting and SEO are related they just happen to be two subjects that I’m very familiar. I’ve been on a diet most of my adult life and SEO is my career choice. So far I wrote two SEO articles and three weight loss articles. First is the Psychology of Weight Loss, The Weight Loss Mindset and Motivation to Lose Weight.

Today is Monday and day three of Jenny Craig for me. I made out my weekly food menu – which I think is helpful. If I could put any less thought into my eating plan – I would. I’m trying to set everything up so I don’t have any decisions to make about food at all. I look at my menu – go to the freezer of cabinet and pop it in the microwave – no decisions at all. If I have to over think anything – it could get dangerous.

And as far as I can tell… I’ve lost 4 pounds since I started this diet last Monday. Not too bad, eh?