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This weekend we’re going into Philadelphia for the Real Estate & Wealth Expo. I got the tickets for this event at a substantial discount when making a pledge to the local PBS station. Part of my work is to review hotels and restaurants – and this, we thought was a good time to do more reviews.

Even though the show is just Saturday and Sunday – we decided to go down Friday night and get the opportunity to stay at two different hotels. Tonight we’ll be staying at The Club Quarters at 17th & Chestnut Sts. in Philly. Saturday night we’ll be at the Sofitel, which is at 17th & Sansom Sts. I didn’t know the hotels were across the street from each other when I made the reservations, but that works out well.

I did some research before making these hotel reservations… the Sofitel had amazing reviews. All of them were excellent at this 4 star Philadelphia hotel except for one. But, The Club Quarters was a bit different. Half of the reviews were excellent, with #5 ratings (the highest rating you can give a hotel on TripAdvisor) and the other half were #1. There weren’t any in between. Needless to say – I’ve very curious to see what kind of experience we’ll have. The Emperor would probably assume that I won’t like. He believes that I’m very difficult to please – at least when it comes to hotels. I try to never stay in a hotel that’s below 3 and a half stars. I grew up going to 1 – 3 star hotels; spent my college and earlier adult years going to those chain, road hotels – but, I’m too old for them now.
We’ll also be reviewing at least one restaurant – which will take me away from Jenny. But, I’m determined to eat well and make good choices.

More reviews to come.