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Jenny Craig… Day 1

My big, box of food arrived yesterday afternoon. I believe it’s two weeks of Jenny Craig food. It appeared to be half frozen foods and the half non-perishables. Because this was going the be the end of eating whatever I wanted to eat – whether good or bad… I decided to have one last dinner out at Durango’s. Durango’s is a local Boyertown restaurant that me and Emperor Anton frequent quite regularly. Boyertown is a diner kind of town. Most of the food is fine, but not much better than that, but sometimes worse. But, Durango’s is good – really good and not just for Boyertown.

I had made a choice when we returned home from Canada, last weekend, that I was going to make healthy food choices from then on – even though I knew the Jenny food would not arrive until Friday. And I did. I ate old Jenny food (the non-perishables from last fall). But, one last meal from Durango’s – I figured wouldn’t hurt. And, afterall, I wanted a salad – and believe me, from any of the local diners – a salad is one of the worst things you can order. In fact, I think anything healthy from the local diners – will be bad.

Anyway, we did go to Durango’s, I got my last (for the next six weeks) Cobb Salad – and it was excellent! We did start with appetizers. We ordered the fried cheese (their version of mozzarella sticks) and fries with cheese and bacon. I didn’t have any of the fried cheese, but I shared the fries with the Emperor. And, after the salad – I just had to have one final dessert, which was some three layer chocolate mousse cake.  It was fabulous!

And that was that.

Complete Start CerealToday, I had my Jenny cereal – it was good. For lunch, I had chili con carne and a small salad with light bleu cheese dressing. I just finished an “anytime bar”, which is a vitamin bar. This one was chocolate and peanut butter.Chili Con Carne

At noon, my Jenny Craig counselor called – as was arranged when I signed up for the program. My counselor’s name is Amanda, and although she had the hiccup’s  for the entire call – she was quite pleasant. My instructions are to fill out the lifestyle graph. I think this is something where I’m to record my start weight, measurements (Anton will have to get them) and things such as amount of exercise, goals, etc. And I’ve also been asked to check out the grocery list page of the My Success Book that came in a packet along with the two weeks of food.

So far, so good.

It is 3PM, and I’m pretty hungry. We didn’t have lunch until after 1:30, and I just finished the anytime bar – but, still hungry. I should know that this is to be expected. Especially after having such a huge dinner last night. I guess I just need to keep myself busy and my mind off of food, until I’m fully acclimated to this weight loss program.

Meatloaf with BBQ SauceBTW – I think I’ll be having Meatload with BBQ sauce for dinner – tasty!

The Food Fog has Lifted

When I’m completely into food and not watching what I eat at all… not remembering what real hunger feels like, I feel like I’m in a food hangover. And I don’t realize that I’m there until I’m out of it. The only way to get out, from my experience, is to replace the bad habit of habitually overeating, with healthful eating habits.

After only 3 days of eating good food, I’m thinking clearly again. It’s amazing, organization comes back, the ability to get things done and an overall better attitude.

I’m still eating remaining Jenny food from last year and the new food will arrive on Friday.

One more goal… add exercise to the daily routine.

Starting Jenny Craig, finally…

The time has finally come for me to get serious, so I made the call to Jenny only moments ago. We came back from Canada with me feeling fatter than ever and I vowed to start making good food choices upon our return. I had enough left over Jenny food from the last go with it (about 1 year ago) to keep me going until my new Jenny food arrives on Friday, March 30th.

I only signed up for the six week “tune-up” program at $36 for the six weeks plus the cost of food – and that’s a big plus! But, this will be enough time to drop 15lbs and evaluate the diet program. I find that I do much better with a structured diet program such as Jenny Craig. The less thought the better, and that translates to most areas of my life.

It amazes me that after only two days of healthful eating – I already feel lighter. It’s definitely psychological, but either way, it feels better.

Kirstie AlleySo, Jenny Craig – the food is great for diet food. They have an excellent selection and they’ve also added a bunch of new food choices. And, fortunately, they let me pick the food I wanted instead of sending me a pre-fab menu. I am doing Jenny Direct – weight loss over the phone. There aren’t any actual centers convenient to me. Besides – I’d much rather do it over
the phone. Now I can hang with Kirstie Alley and visit her blog on a regular basis. I just feel so close to her now.

Going Away and Getting Fat…

Putting off the inevitable is a beautiful thing that I’ve become very good at doing. Although, it only makes me more miserable about the current situation – I’m fat. But, we are planning a trip to Gananoque ON, Canada this weekend and I think it would be foolish to start a healthy weight loss plan today, only to leave for a mini holiday tomorrow.

A little bit about the trip first… (you can read the full details of our travels at Lizzies Travel Blog). My family has gone to Canada – The 1000 Island Region, every year for the past 20 years – at least! For the past several years my kiddies have gone, but I have not. I always thought Canada to be a boring place with nothing to do but fish – which I don’t. However, we went up there for a long weekend last summer – and I loved it! My family wants us, the Emperor and I, to come up for two weeks this summer. Well, one of my complaints about Canada is that there isn’t any available technology, specifically – the INTERNET!!. Two weeks without the Internet is just not even possible. My entire livelihood comes directly from me having non-stop access to the internet. The man that runs the little fishing village where we stay, insists that the village is an Internet hot spot. This I cannot even believe. And this is what takes us to Canada this weekend.

We are staying at the Gananoque Inn – located right on the St Lawrence river in Gananoque. We plan to arrive Friday evening and Saturday we’ll ride up to Lyndhurst – the closest town to the fishing village that’s right on Red Horse Lake. We plan to take the laptops to see if we can logon to the internet. Once we have this information we’ll know whether we’ll be spending one or two weeks in Canada this summer.

All that being said, it gives me one more reason and a few more days to put off getting serious about loosing this weight – which I’ve acquired quite a bit of since I started this weight loss and diet program review blog. But, as soon as we’re back from Canada – I’ll will be calling Jenny Craig. Not just sending her an email – cause I already did that a few weeks ago. And Jenny just said in the response email that I should call her. That process was a huge waste of my time. Any how, I’m tired of being this fat; summer is approaching and, although it’s very easy to get excited about something difficult that you’re not doing yet – this time I’m determined to do the weight loss program and be successful.