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I love losing weight when I’m not even trying. This is a rare occurrence indeed. The fact that I haven’t been paying attention to my weight is remarkable in itself. Perhaps, this is the way to go – not think about my weight, dieting and the seemingly endless battle. But, not thinking about my weight or dieting is almost impossible. I’m obsessed. We’ve really cut back on our dining out lately – that could account for some of the weightloss. I’ve also been eating a very healthy breakfast… no more bagels with cream cheese for me. And lunch has become very simple, either a weightloss shake or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – Crazy Richard’s Natural PB, sugar-free jelly on whole wheat bread – one of my favorites. Now, that I’ve lost a few pounds – 4 – this should be inspiration to keep it going. What am I going to do to keep this momentum?

I’ve been considering Jenny Craig. I’ve done it in the past with a lot of success. It requires very little thinking; the food is yummy; but it does cost a bunch. Anything that I attempt on my own I feel is destined to fail. I spend so much time working, that I often forget to eat, let alone plan and prepare meals. And when I realize the time… it’s usually because I’m starving. Then I eat crap. It’s easy, always available and requires so little of me.