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I was out to dinner last night with the Emperor and the my recent addition to our staff – theGrubHound. We’ve been visiting and reviewing restaurants for some time now – but, this we’ve just added an experienced chef to our staff to get a more professional approach to the food reviews. We’ve, in the past usually done the restaurant reviews on the travels of Lizzie Bean Blog, but now we’ve started an actual food review blog called

Anyway, we went out to dinner last night with the resident chef from theGrubHound – Jonhathan, and we were all set to review Pistachio in Allentown, Pa. I’m not going to do the full review here (although, it was execellent!), but I’m going to tell you that I learned something very interesting from John. Apparently, in the early years of his chefdom he was quite heavy – I think he said over 400 lbs – heavy. I, of course was complaining about my weight and made the announcement that I was going to go back on “Jenny”. I’ve learned over the years that for me to successfully lose weight, I need all of the thinking and planning to be done by someone other than me. With Jenny Craig – she does it all. I just have to open the assigned package and push a button on the microwave – easy enough for me.

Now, John has lost all his excess weight and he’s kept it off. He’s young and attractive and was definitely being checked out by our waitress and all the other staff at the restaurant. When I announced that I was going back to Jenny – he made the remark that it wouldn’t work. Certainly I would lose the weight – but, I’d never learn how to maintain the weight I’d lost on any of those programs -because they really don’t want me to. And, although I argued with John – I realized that he was right. I’ve spent most of my adult years losing weight, only to regain it and have to lose it all over again. I think this is what they call “yo-yo dieting”. I continued to argue about my lifestyle and how I couldn’t possibly cook, plan or anything that required effort on my part to be successful at losing or maintaining a healthy weight. After all, I’m a food addict, a compulsive overeater and part of my disease – is having to do everything my way (as if that’s worked so well in the past).

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, I’ve started to ramble, but I think I need to listen to John. He was telling me about fresh, uncooked food being better than pre-packaged, nutrition-free, cardboard food that has been pushed at me by the media, weight obsessed, billion dollar diet industry. I think I’m going to take John to the food store with me to plan a menu for the week. It’s a place to start and perhaps I can even learn from someone else’s success.