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I’m Lizzie Bean. I’m a forty-something, tail end of the baby-boomers woman, who’s struggled with weight-issues my entire life. My doctor, while trying to figure out if I’m in menopause or not – has determined that I have borderline metabolic syndrome. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called, but apparently my cholesterol is getting high, and in the doctors office – my blood pressure was a bit high as well. Bottom line – he said I need to lose weight and lower my cholesterol.

I’ve been on what feels like every diet available and what I’ve determined is that they all work if you actually do them. Most of my adult years I’ve been overweight – at least since I gave birth to the four cherubs. Several years ago – about four, I think – I lost a bunch or weight – about 70 pounds. After all the diets, over all the years – I lost the weight by giving up flour and sugar; counting calories and I joined Curves and went every day – religiously.

Well, four years later, I’ve become a little too comfortable again and need to drop about 30 pounds. I’ve noticed a new pattern developing over the past few years. At the beginning of each year and throughout the spring – I’m determined to lose weight – and I do. But, by summer, I’m so tired of dieting and feeling like I’m depriving myself of the food that I love – that I spend the rest of the year putting the weight back on – only to start the New Year by psyching myself up again to take off the extra weight.

And this year is no different. But, knowing that all diets work if you work them – I’ve decided to do a different diet program each month and evaluate all the different diet programs. I figure at the end of six months – I should have lost the 30 pounds that I want to lose.

Here are my starting goals and stats:

Start weight –
Goal weight – 135
Start date – 01/22/07
Anticipated end date – 07/22/07 (one day before my birthday!)
Workout schedule – minimum of 3, 30 minute workouts at the Boyertown YMCA

First diet program – Right Size Smoothies

The Right Size plan is actually a 6 week plan – sorry, I can only commit to a month. But, here’s the plan:
• Simply replace 1 to 2 meals per day with a RightSize® Smoothie of your choice and an 8 oz glass of water.
• Supplement your diet with RightSize® Multivitamin with Appemine®, an appetite controlling daily multivitamin.
• Maintain a healthy metabolism using AppAssure® with green tea extract.
• Any other meals should be reasonable and balanced.

I will be replacing 2 meals with the smoothie since I want to lose weight instead of maintaining weight.
I’ve already tried the Right Size chocolate smoothie – very good (for what it is)
I think I’ll order up some of those multivitamins too – can’t hurt. Fortunately, I’m already on Adderall – a natural appetite suppressant.

Ready, set, go…